19 April 2022

Lagardère Travel Retail will be contributing to global carbon neutrality by the end of 2023

Lagardère Travel Retail today announces its commitment to work towards a global, collective carbon neutrality, across all operations, by the end of 2023. The ambition covers all of the group’s direct emissions - scopes 1 and 2 - and will be achieved by advancing in its energy consumption reduction program, completing the switch to green electricity and renewable energy certifications in all of its own operations, and through the compensation of the unavoidable residual emissions as a last step of its global action plan. 

Lagardère Travel Retail is committed to playing a leading role in building a more sustainable future for Travel Retail. As part of its CSR strategy, PEPS (standing for Planet. Ethics. People. Social), the Group is actively seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, cooperating whenever possible with Brands and Suppliers to achieve ambitious industry goals and contributing on the field to the Landlords’ specific programs and targets. An example of this is the first Aelia Duty Free eco-store, recently opened in close cooperation with Geneva international airport, and which achieves a 40% reduction in the carbon footprint of its furniture and POS materials. 

As a result of an extensive assessment of the total carbon footprint conducted in 2021, Lagardère Travel Retail has committed to achieving its contribution to global carbon neutrality by the end of 2023. This represents a market leading ambition. 

The target applies to scopes 1 and 2, the emissions resulting directly from the company’s activities: service vehicle fleet, buildings, and energy consumption (bought directly or indirectly for all stores and restaurants, HQ, and warehouses), and is based on an extensive review of our operations, and a set of concrete measures. A global action plan is being put in place to significantly reduce our direct emissions, including more energy efficient POS equipment, furniture and construction, staff engagement and tools to reduce energy consumption, and an ambitious plan to switch to green electricity and renewable energy certifications for all our own operations. Compensation for unavoidable residual emissions will only be used when all other measures have been taken by our teams. 

Lagardère Travel Retail is also working intensively on scope 3, which accounts for 95% of its total carbon footprint, and includes all indirect emissions generated by the products and services we purchase and sell, the upstream and downstream activities within our supply chains, waste, and the end of life of our product offer. Based on the trajectories of the Science-Based Targets Initiative, and in alignment with the Paris Climate agreement, we are targeting to reach net zero emissions – across all 3 scopes – ahead of the 2050 date. This ambition is part of Lagardère group’s overall strategy to tackle climate change and reduce carbon missions, across all scopes.  

As part of the travel retail eco-system, in which global efforts of Brands, Landlords and retail Operators are key, we are collaborating closely with our stakeholders to reach the short and long-term targets. This step-by-step approach, and all carbon reduction commitments, will be closely monitored and gradually finetuned. 

A new governance framework to steer action and enable progress

In order to track progress towards achieving these targets and steer CSR action where and when required, a new governance framework has been implemented. Under the guidance and supervision of the groups’ Management Board and the global CSR team, a new PEPS Global Committee has been created with key members including Business Line leads, Product, HR and Communications experts. Reporting to the global PEPS Committee, workstreams supporting each of the four pillars of our CSR strategy have also been created and are responsible to drive action in their respective fields, ensuring targets remain relevant and are fully met. Key countries across our network are also creating dedicated CSR Committees, and the global community of PEPS “Local Heroes” will continue to serve to implement CSR actions locally. Regular collaboration with third-party experts has been activated to ensure our strategy remains aligned and takes most recent challenges into account. Finally, the achievement of CSR targets has now been included in the performance-linked remuneration of senior leaders across the organization. 

Lagardère Travel Retail is on a journey to create a more sustainable future for all. The group’s CSR strategy is articulated around four pillars (Planet. Ethics. People. Social. - also known as PEPS) which are supported by tangible, measurable commitments to track progress. 

More detail about the group’s CSR roadmap is available here: https://www.lagardere-tr.de/de/ueber-uns/soziale-verantwortung